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PATZCUARO “Place of darkness” - Commemoration of The Day of the Dead. Travel, Stories of Mexican life .& MORE Noche de Muertos or Mexican Day of the Dead in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México.


6th - Pátzcuaro: Epiphany. Shepherd’s song presentation.
-Janitzio: Epiphany.
-Ihuatzio: Epiphany, "danza de los viejitos" is presented.
- Tzintzuntzan: Epiphany (is celebrated principally in Ichupio, a municipality of Tzintzuntzan). For three days, the "kings" travel the village delivering gifts. During this feast the visitors are feted with doughnuts with honey and white "atole".
- Santa Fe de la Laguna: The Magi. Presentation of shepherd’s song and dances.
- Erongarícuaro: Epiphany. Festival to the child god with the "danza de los viejitos" and "pastorelas" in the atrium of the church and in the streets.
17th - Pátzcuaro: Day of Saint Anthony abbot. Domestic animals and birds are adorned with flowers and taken to be blessed.
22nd - Erongarícuaro: Day of "el Señor de la Misericordia"


1st to 7th - Tzintzuntzan: "Señor del Rescate". Celebration instituted by don Vasco de Quiroga. Pilgrimage, band music, dances, sporting events, folk fair and presentation of the "danza del Señor del Rescate".
2nd - Tócuaro: La Candelaria (presentation of the child Jesus in the temple): The candles of the great candelabra are blessed, asked to mitigate the calamities of life and implore the attendance of the Mother of God in the critical moment of death.
Varies - Pátzcuaro: Carnival. During three days (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) the "toritos" (little straw bulls) from each neighborhood are passed through the streets, accompanied by oboe music and ropes and characters such as "el apache", "el caballito" (the little horse), "el caporal" (the chief) and "las maringuías" (men dressed like woman).
- Ihuatzio: Carnival.


14th - Pátzcuaro: don Vasco de Quiroga (annual mourning): Cultural week. Handicraft exposition, organ concert in the Basílica and traditional music.
24th - Cuanajo: Crafts competition and folk fiesta.


Varies - Pátzcuaro: Holy Week: The festivities begin on Tuesday (Mardi Gras) with the re-enactment of several biblical passages. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the Way of the Cross is held and the procession of silence with Mater Dolorosa images dating from the 16th to 19th centuries. On occasion a Procession of the Christs is held that reunites almost all the religious images from churches throughout the lacustrine region. Sale of regional handicrafts.
- Cuanajo: Glory Saturday
- Tzintzuntzan: Holy Week. The festivites begin on Holy Wednesday and end on Sunday. The Way of the Cross is held and biblical re-enactments are presented. The processions of Good Friday are especially authentic because the participants are covered with cowls.
- Erongarícuaro: Holy Week. Processions and burning of Judas.
- Santa Clara del Cobre. Ash Wednesday, pilgrimages to Carácuaro. Good Friday, procession and re-enactment of the buried saint.


3rd - Pátzcuaro: Day of the "Santa Cruz" (holy cross). Veneration of one of the crosses (green cross) that is believed to have been left by Vasco de Quiroga. Procession, music with bands of the region.
-Tzintzuntzan: Day of the "Santa Cruz" and change of church assignments.
- Quiroga: Day of the "Santa Cruz".
- Zirahuén: Day of the "Santa Cruz".
- Tingambato: Day of the "Santa Cruz".


- Santa Fe de la Laguna: Day of San Juan Bautista. Fair, "danza de los Moros" (dance of the Moors) and folk and classical music contest.
29th - Uruapan: Day of San Pedro (Saint Peter).
Varies- Pátzcuaro: Corpus Christi Thursday.
- Cuanajo: Corpus Christi Thursday.
- Tzintzuntzan: Corpus Christi Thursday.
- Erongarícuaro: Corpus Christi Thursday Cristi.
- Santa Fe de la Laguna: Corpus Christi Thursday.
- Santa Clara del Cobre: Corpus Christi Thursday.


First Sunday - Quiroga: Day of "la Preciosa Sangre de Cristo" (the precious blood of Christ). This is the most important celebration of the area. Mass, procession, fireworks and dances that are repeated throughout three days, during which the most important is the dance of the Moors.
25th - Janitzio: Day of Santiago Apóstol (Apostle James).
- Tupátaro: Day of Santiago Apóstol.
- Capula: Day of Santiago Apóstol. Music with two local bands, exposition and china competition.
- Tingambato: Day of Santiago Apóstol. The Moors walk through the streets. Music and dances, crafts exposition and other events. Food market.


2nd - Santa Clara del Cobre: Pilgrimage of the artisans.
11th to the 22nd - Santa Clara del Cobre: National copper fair. Artisans’ competition of hammered copper; parade of allegorical floats dances, bands and fair.
12th - Santa Clara del Cobre: Day of Santa Clara de Asís.
15th - Santa Clara del Cobre: Assumption of the Virgin and of the Virgin of the Sacrarium, patroness of the town.


1st - Quiroga: Don Vasco de Quiroga.
8th - Cuanajo: Nativity of the Virgin. Tianguis (indigenous crafts fair), music, dances and fireworks.
- Capula: Nativity of the Virgin. Dance of the Moors.
13th to15th - Uruapan: Feasts of "Señor de los Milagros". Celebrated 10 km. From Uruapan, in San Juan Nuevo.
14th - Santa Fe de la Laguna: Day of the Christ of the exaltation. Procession. Dances of blacks and moors.
15th and 16th - Pátzcuaro: Independence Day. Cry of Independence Ceremony (this remembers the day in which the Mexican independence war was started by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in Dolores, Hidalgo) held in municipal palace. Popular fair, musical events, fireworks in the main square. Parade on the 16th
- Morelia: Independence Day. Cry of Independence ceremony is held in palace by the state government, popular verbena. On the 16th is held civic/military parade, sale of crafts. and a firework cascade on the cathedral.
29th - Pátzcuaro: Day of San Miguel Arcangel (Saint Michael archangel).
30th - Janitzio: Birthday of Morelos. Dances and various festivities.


4th - Pátzcuaro: Day of San Francisco de Asís (Saint Francis of Assisi). Dances of Moors and soldiers. Fireworks.
- Cuanajo: Day of San Francisco de Asís. Dances of Moors and soldiers. Fireworks.
- Ihuatzio: Day of San Francisco de Asís. Feast of Santo Patron (the Holy Father). Dance of Moors and soldiers and Fireworks.
31st - Janitzio: "Kuirsi-atakua", ceremonial hunting of ducks in preparation for the night of death.
- Jarácuaro: "Kuirsi-atakua"
- Tzintzuntzan: "Kuirsi-atakua"


1st and 2nd - Pátzcuaro: All Saints and "Dia de los Muertos". Artisans market in the main square.
-Tzurumútaro: "Noche de Muertos" (Night of Death). In this place is a special celebration to the remembrance of "tata" Cárdenas -the name given in this region to General. Lazaro Cárdenas because of his importance in the agrarian movement.
- Ihuatzio: All Saints and "Noche de Muertos". Offering from homes (flowers, candles, food) taken to the cemetery to be received by the human souls of the deceased faithful.
- Janitzio: All Saints and "Noche de Muertos".
- Jarácuaro: All Saints and "Noche de Muertos". Dance competition and pirekuas.
- Tzintzuntzan: All Saints and "Noche de Muertos". Vigil at tombs. Presentation of "don Juan Tenorio" (A traditional theatrical play about love and death).
13th - Quiroga: Day of San Diego de Alcalá, its patron saint.
30th - Tócuaro: Day of San Andrés. Patron saint of the area.


6th - Santa Fe de la Laguna: feast of patron saint, San Nicolás de Bari. Fireworks and dances.
8th - Pátzcuaro: Day of Señora de la Salud. The most venerated of the region. Presentation of dances, masquerades, handicrafts, band, parade, bullfights and rodeos.
12th - Capula: Day of the Virgen de Guadalupe. Dance of the "güares", and music.
16th to the 24th - Pátzcuaro: "posadas" (traditional "piñata" parties related to Christmas) in anticipation of Christmas (This remembers the re enactment of Mary and Joseph searching for lodging).
- Ihuatzio: Posadas and "novenario" (nine days worship until Christmas). Presentations in the atrium of the church.
24th to the 26th - Quiroga: Chritmas. "Pastorelas" are presented in the streets of the city.
24th - Tócuaro: Christmas. "Posadas".
- Capula: Christmas. "Pastorelas" are presented and there is music accompanied by dances.


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